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Wind Protection screens

We produce high-quality wind protection screens that can be controlled with a crank or with an electric motor. These products consist of windproof panels, made either of transparent PVC, edged with PVC fabric or of acrylic awning fabrics with a wide selection of colors and patterns. Wind protection screens are tailor-made, manufactured in compliance with customers’ individual dimensions.


Wind protection panels are an easy and effective way to protect your balcony, terrace or yard against harsh atmospheric conditions – wind, rain and snow. They are increasingly being imposed as an appropriate alternative to the traditional glazing of open areas and areas in front of restaurants and hotels, car washes, balconies and barbecues. The wind protection screen is attached to a horizontal shaft and is controlled either manually with a crank or automatically with an electric motor. A PVC fabric with a pocket is glued with thermal stitching on the lower free edge of the wind protection screen. A metal tube is inserted into it, which stretches the windbreak. This structure is fixed with hooks to some natural support.

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