Sun protection systems

We design, manufacture, deliver and install the sun protection products (blinds and awnings) you need.
We strive to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer. Our objective is to meet every taste. Your dreams come true with us.

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Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of the products you need




We offer quality blinds for your home and office in a wide variety of models and colors. Our range includes interior textile and aluminum blinds, external roller blinds and louvre blinds, as well as electric blinds.



  • Horizontal Venetian blinds
  • Vertical textile blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Pleated Blinds
  • Roman Shades





  • Japanese wall blinds
  • Faux wood blinds
  • Exterior roller blinds
  • Exterior lamellar blinds










We have an extensive collection of awnings for your terrace and yard. Our assortment includes balcony awnings, drop arm awnings, breakable arm awnings (Loggia and Monoblock models), basket awnings (Marquise model), cassette type awnings and wide area awnings.
We offer a wide choice of colors and patterns for awning fabrics, as well as automation solutions. Our range is completed by Velux Skylight shades.







  • Balcony awning
  • Drop arm awning
  • Marquise basket awning
  • Loggia breakable arm awning
  • Monoblock breakable arm awning




 Roller shutters




Garage roller shutters with thermal insulation are among the most sought-after products on the market. Their thermal insulation properties are complemented by compactness and good sound insulation.
Garage roller shutters are multifunctional as they meet the requirements of modern garages for fast, reliable and silent opening and closing. They are manufactured from a reinforced aluminum lamella 77x19 mm filled with polyurethane.



Insect screens





Insect screens are a reliable and safe solution, preventing the entry of insects through open doors and windows. Our insect screens are tailor-made in compliance with customers’ dimensions and window frames.





  • Static insect screens

  • Roller insect screens

  • Door insect screens with weld-on hinges

  • Pleated insect screens

  • Velux insect screens






 Wind protection screens





Wind protection screens / wind protection membranes / are increasingly considered a modern alternative to traditional glazing of open areas and areas in front of restaurants and hotels, car washes, balconies and barbecues. Wind protection screens are an easy and effective way to protect against unpleasant atmospheric conditions - wind, rain and snow.




Polycarbonate sheds




Polycarbonate sheds are metal structures filled with multi-walled polycarbonate plates 3 up to 40 mm thick. These products are resistant to aging under the adverse effects of sunshine and unpleasant atmospheric conditions, preserving their mechanical properties: hardness, resistance to impact and temperature changes within wide limits, inertness, transparency, fire safety, thermal insulation and sound insulation for 10 years.





Curtain rods





Curtain rods are a classical and yet a modern interior solution. We offer a wide variety of curtain rods: Bulgarian wooden, German PVC, aluminium and automated metal curtain rods. Our curtain rods are tailor-made in compliance with customers’ dimensions and preferences.




  • Wooden Curtain rods
  • German PVC Curtain rods
  • German Metal Curtain rods
  • /New/ Metal Curtain rods with automatic drive


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