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We offer the full range of blinds, awnings and insect screens for Velux skylights. Since 2012, Geranio Roll Steel has been an official distributor and partner of Velux for the Bulgarian market.

Velux products give a unique elegant and refined look to your home, office or commercial establishment. They combine a sophisticated style and practicality and allow the amount and direction of the sunlight to be adjusted.

Velux horizontal Venetian blinds

These blinds add exquisiteness and practicality to your Velux skylights. They enable you to control the amount and direction of the sunlight.

Velux pleated blinds and pleated thermal blinds

Velux pleated blinds

This type of blinds creates a uniquely elegant and refined style for your Velux skylights.

Velux electric pleated blinds

This Velux product provides an extraordinary ease and convenience of operation.

Velux thermal pleated blinds

These blinds combine beauty and reliable energy efficiency for your home.

Interior roller blinds for Velux skylights

Velux interior roller blinds

 Velux interior textile roller blinds give slendour and a stylish finish to your Velux skylights.

Velux blackout roller blinds

These blinds provide the comfort of a complete blackout effect for your premises.

Velux exterior roller blinds

This product provides effective sun and heat protection and sound insulation for your premises. The electric version of Velux exterior roller blinds successfully combines the high quality of interior and exterior Velux solutions and the convenience of automation.

Velux insect screens

High-quality Velux insect screens guarantee you a reliable protection against insects. They can be combined with all models of Velux blinds for your perfect experience. Velux insect screens allow you to enjoy the fresh air without uninvited guests.

Velux awnings

Velux awnings provide effective thermal protection for your home as the high-tech mesh material they are made of allows you to enjoy the view outside.

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